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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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area of northeast napa county. it's burned 800 acres so far, this is the view earlier this afternoon, it broke out around noon and by 5:30 it spread to 300 acres, and 3:00, 500 acres, and 30 minutes ago it spread to 800 acres and 10% contained. it has threatened some homes and that's why there's evacuations this afternoon, for the people in the estates, there were some evacuation there. north of snell valley road, and pope valley elementary school are the designated shelters u and my colleague came from there and we'll hear from him and a report about 30 minutes from now. ktvu channel 2 news.
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again, she mentioned the mandatory evacuations ordered by cal fire, of butts canyon north, north to have snell valley road, the estates area at the end of snell valley road is under evacuation orders and two evacuation centers set up, at hope valley school and middletown high school. and we're live, and you're miles away from the fire, but you can smell the smoke. >> the good news here, is you cannot actually smell the smoke. we are west of the fire here, but you can easily see how much smoke is put out by this fire. we're miles from the fire lines here, at hunt and railroad avenues, the fire is blown away from this direction. i talked to our meteorologist,
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and she said, north by northeast winds, blowing 5 to 15 miles per hour, and it appears that's the case. it's blowing the smoke from this fire in that north, northeast direction and away from the heavily populated areas here. on the other side of the fire is lake berry, and that's an area that's not heavily populated, and here in calistoga, there's more population, and a lot more people, living and working and visit it go area, of course, this is the wine country that people come all the time to visit and they're looking up and seeing this fire and realizing that something serious is going on. we talked to some folks earlier. >> i was thinking, can they contain it somehow if that's possible. i don't know, i'm out here visiting from new york, we were driving up the 101 and i saw that on the way in, you can see the mountain range, it looked like a cloud and now obviously a little different. >> it's really dry.
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so dry here. even skin, your body, everything is super dry. >> i hate to see that. it's really disappointing, and unfortunate. >> dry is the word of the day, of course, we're in the serious drought here in california, and that means everything up in the hills is tinder dry. it's been dry for months now, with so little rain and that has the firefighters scrambling trying to get it under control before it goes too far, and they've started to extend out the protection area, beyond the fire trying to get ahead of it. trying to cut the lines and get the structures in that area protected and they're doing everything they can to get ahead of this fire and keep it from spreading, and of course, it's still very much growing. it's a long time before we know when this thing is under control. ktvu channel 2 news. as we have shown you, that
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is great picture here to illustrate with a we've been talking about, this fire is sending up an enormous cloud of smoke. fortunately this is a remote area. this fire is exactly what everyone worries about in a drought, and the meteorologist is here with the conditions the firefighters are facing tonight. >> indeed, we've talked about how dry it is out there. the fuel levels, the moisture to feel more like october than early july. out there right now, we know that weather plays a huge factor in the fire behavior, very hot, and still very dry. that allows the fire to ignite and burn faster. the winds have remained anywhere from 5 to 10 to 15 miles per hour, i was looking at the live shots and the pictures and the interviews, and it looks like the winds remain like now. when the fire is this large, it'll create its own wind. up on the ridge top, and the
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gaps, the gusts will reach 20 to 25 miles per hour, for the most part the winds are light, and that's good news. it's a variable wind, i've seen its shift to the south, on the flip side the light winds don't allow the smoke to disperse. so close the windows, back to you. we've been showing you this is a tough fight for the crews in a remote area. coming up we'll talk to cal fire what they're facing on the fire lines. now to other news, a horrifying crime, two suspects broke into a home and sexually assaulted an elderly woman. they left behind a trail of damage, and we have the frightening details of what happened and what the police say the one suspect on the loose
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distinctive. >> that suspect has a severe laceration to his body, it will elder couple for sleeping when the two forced their way into their home and what neighbors are calling a quiet neighborhood. as of now the police say this was a random attack. the san josi police interviewed neighbors and hauling away the evidence on a brutal attack on an elderly couple. >> they're so sweet, to think they did this to her is just craziness. it's so gross. >> just after 4 this morning, a 15-year-old and another young man broke into this home, armed with weapons, described as possibly knives. >> they were forced to the back of the house, at some point, the 85-year-old female was sexually assaulted. >> then they stole their car and led the police on a high
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speed chase it resulted in the car crashing into a vacant home. >> i see police, maybe in this house, i don't know what happened. and the police -- screaming, hey, hey. >> the 15-year-old passenger was pinned in the car and arrested. the driver got away. the police are now interviewing the juvenile in hope to catch the second suspect. >> i've been here all my life and it's unfortunate. i would like a message to go out for the neighbors to watch out for each other. >> it's still unclear if this was gang related, they found graffiti on a shed in the back of the home, the man was in the age of 17 to 25. coming up we talked to neighbors and learned more about this couple. live in san josi, ktvu channel 2 news. former police officer, won a legal victory today a jury
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denied the monetary damages of the father of grant who sued them in federal court. >> i'm heart broken that they came back and said he didn't have a family relationship with his son, and it's clear he did. >> bart settled another civil lawsuit, filed by the mother and daughter for $3 million, and they were not entitled to any money, given he wasn't a big part of the son's life. he was in prison on a murder conviction since 1985. >> they said he didn't have a relationship with his family, that's a lie. >> he shot and killed grant on a bart platform in 2009, and he meant to use his taser on grants and mistakenly fired his gun. he was charged with involuntary manslaughter. a mother from san josi is under arrest accused of leaving
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her children in a car while she went into a casino. shortly after 11:30 last night, deputies found two children inside a honda, parked outside this casino, the keys were still in the ignition. the mother was later found inside and arrested on child endangerment, and she told them she was only going to be in this for 10 minutes. >> today the oakland school district introduced the new superintendent. he was an assistant superintendent for the denver public schools for five years. he works to get more students to attend college and in a news conference, said he was raised by a single mother with high expectations. >> from an early age i had it modelled for me and stressed upon me that i would go to college and i would graduate and
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i always remember that going perspective. >> wilson takes over the job for lee, that worked for a year the district has struggled with low graduation rates and coming up at 5:45 we sit down approximate wilson to talk about his plans to tackle the problems. the world cup, and team u.s.a. was eliminated this afternoon after losing to belgium. they fought to the end and had several great chances to tie the score in the last moments. >> green. to the back post, and yet couldn't turn it back. and the referee blows time. on the u.s.a.'s world cup campaign. >> after two hours on the field again the final skoeshgs belgium
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2, team u.s.a. is 1. the last 20 minutes of that game, they were as exciting as they get. >> i know, it was such a heart breaker at the end and the crowds are gone now and there were thousands here watching the game. we've moved up in the clean up phase of what was going on. this is so much dram and the -- drama and the result wasn't what we wanted, this crowd walked away proud of this team. even before the match started, the energy began to swell. >> be here with a giant crowd and be part of something. >> cheers echoed in the civic central plaza as people gather went ahead their friends, new and old. >> joe, luke, matt, what's your name
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? matt. my new best friend. >> you know expected this match up with belgium to be easy. >> probably a roller coaster of ainge site. -- anxiety. >> it was one team and nation, save after save from goal keeper, howard had some people believing in super heros. >> he was amazing, he didn't deserve to lose. >> great games don't always win in great victories. >> that was a really good game. >> and when all seemed lost, it took one goal to remind everyone you never spop, you -- stop, you never quit. when it was all over, you couldn't deny the heart break, you couldn't deny the pride. >> i'm a big soccer fan but a bigger fan of the united states.
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and international competition. >> well, the crowd was filled with lots of different people from all over the country and a group of young men from belgium, we'll tell you about the reception they received, coming up at 6:00. ktvu channel 2 news. six men surround and savagely beat two women. >> she wasn't moving and one more kick to the head she'll be dead. >> what these women say was the hateful motivation for the attack. and next, transportation trouble, what the cuts of the federal be funding for bay area, and why your gas may get more expensive. i'm tracking when the cool down can extend farther. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
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. people in richmond woke up two mess today after a suv slammed into a house. three people inside the home but they weren't hurt, and they arrested the driver on suspicion of a dui, and he survived minor injuries, and the officers are still looking for the package that tack off -- passenger that took off after the crash. the funding for the kradz -- california roads could run out, unless congress adds for money to the federal highway trust fund. live now after looking for one cure that'll fix it permanently, a big increase in gas taxes. >> that would be a tough sell in a house of representatives, bent on any new taxes. for every gallon of gas you buy,
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you pay 18.4 cents in the taxes, but the trust fund can't cover the bills. long, the senior analyst for the bay area transportation commission. >> congress has not raised the gas tax that's a primary foreign minister of funding the transportation -- primary funding of the transportation. >> despite the inflation, the huge increase in fuel efficient cars have cut into the number of gallons sold. that's a billion dollars less for california. the lively hoods of tens of thousands who build them with -- survive
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suffer. >> 15 cent per gallon increase is what they endorse. >> i would pay whatever, being on the road as much as i am, i'm very aware of how seriously they need those dollars. >> and we were surprised to find no one in opposition. >> they were going to fix roads, it wouldn't bother me. >> a dime to 15 cents isn't unreasonable to you? >> absolutely. >> we want to fund the things we want. >> the last seven years congress has used the tricks to put the dollars into the trust fund, maybe they'll do again or maybe they've run out of tricks. ktvu channel 2 news. all right so we've talked about the weather conditions up in napa where the fire is, want to bring back meteorologist, let's talk about the conditions in the rest of the bay area.
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>> everybody felt a modest drop in temperatures today and if you were the one that hit 20 degrees cooler, you'll know that as well. 74 in santa rosa, and at this hour, napa you're ten degrees cooler than yesterday. 81 in fairfield, a lot cooler than yesterday. if you remember at this hour, the inland areas in the east bay were still above 100 degrees, livermore hit 105 and in the bay, temperatures in the low 6 s -- 60s, and 70s. we'll go inland, 84 in san ramone, and pittsburgh at 77 a huge difference from yesterday. again around the bay along the coast, everybody felt the drop in temperatures, especially in the inland areas for today. here's the trough that'll work
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closer to the coast, that'll reinforce the patterns, and keep it moving. and more stable patterns to the elevations. we have thunderstorms firing off, it's shifted east in areas of nevada now, but this is the case for the afternoon, and once the sun sets, the thunderstorms will go away. here at home, we have low clouds hugging the coastline, and it'll move back in. tomorrow morning we might have drizzle to deal with. the on shore breeze has been blowing all day long. 20 miles per hour the on shore air. the cool air is continuing to move and the low clouds will continue, and for the afternoon, temperatures will be a lot like today. slightly cooler for some but not by much. we have the big cool down come our way.
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77 for napa, 87 for livermonth, hayward mid 60s, and a beautiful day the bay area, summer time microclimate pattern but not intense. the extended forecast, temperatures change very little. subtle changes, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, and temperatures will finally climb as we get in the weekend. we continue to follow the breaking news up in napa and gathering more information on the wild fire burning there. and public transit is looking different. and julie is in the news room at what we're working on for 6:00. the plan to bring micro apartments, and how much 164 square feet of space could cost, and also a big fireworks show this weekend, but caught up in a
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. we're learning smith will not face charges for making a false bomb threat back in april. the los angeles city attorney office says it's not going to file charges and instead hold a hearing to discuss the matter later this month. he faces a sentencing hearing on
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weapons and drunk driving charges. a transit riders may have noticed a change, with the all day passes, and the changes went into effective today. they'll cost $5, and they hope the changes will speed up the boarding process and eliminate the fraud. also prices increase for the riders of golden gate transit. there's no change to local fares, and rides on the lark spur ferries will cost more. the university of california unveiled an ambitious initiative to be a major force in the fight against world hunger. of the 7 billion people in the world 1 billion are hungry and a half billion are obese. >> what we want to do is take
5:26 pm
the power of the university and focus it like a laser on the world's big problems and with the chancellors we collected food. >> the former homeland security chief, announced the initiative, and she said all calms will unit their resources of sustainable farming the founder of the edible food yard was at the event. >> it'll help people to understand, why we need to pay more for food. food can never be cheap. it can be affordable, but never be cheap. >> waters say when the food is cheap the farm worker is not paid a fair wage. they'll have new food related courses and the experimental
5:27 pm
campus gardens, and the research for california farming. with anything, practice makes perfect. >> the challenge is the plan on paper, will it work in real life? >> a real life run through on how to get people in and out of the 49ers new stadium. and you're looking like from the chopper 2 as we continue to follow the breaking news, the wild fire has grown to 1,000 acres, an update at 8:00. the new questions tonight of ow amtrak spends the taxpayers dollars and amtrak's response.
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. we've been following the breaking news for hours now, reporting on that out of control wild fire that's burning in napa county, we received some new information that fire is now up to 1,000 acres, there are also a lot of evacuations. i want to show you a live picture now from news chopper two, a massive amount of smoke from this fire that continues to grow by the hour. ken live now at the command post, ken? >> yeah, we are at butts canyon road and snell road, this road,
5:31 pm
butts canyon road is closed off to all traffic, except for firefighters and the press, that's a key part of this evacuation story we'll get to many a second. that's the command post you see behind me and let's look at the fire the bole lowing -- billowing smoke is now at 1,000 acres. because this road is shut down, there's to evacuation centers, that's because the main road the people would take is closed to traffic. one is in middle town, and the second one is in pope valley, we went to that evacuation center, we'll show you video, this was the original evacuation center and that's where we found the pratt family. they live in the berry estates, and by their judgement, working on little information, they believe the fire is still
5:32 pm
several miles from their neighborhood. they were trapped away from their homes, and unable to get back because of this road closure, they rushed back, and cut off, and they have little info at this point, they are worried of their animals back home, let's hear what they have to say. >> from what we understand from the other families the smoke is getting bad. inside the homes. it's not so bad but you go outside and it's really smoky, and luckily our animals are indoors. we're hoping that's keeping them safe right now. >> i want to get to my animals, my babies. >> those animals they have three dogs they really want to get home and check on them. what you're looking at is the fire burning here near butts canyon road, it appears that bit of fire is allowed to burn through the vegetation to the road. there's no personnel working on
5:33 pm
that fire, and two evacuation center the one there at pope valley, and the other one is at milled town middle school, a short distance away from here if this vehicle code open. you can't -- this road is open, gerngs as you said this -- again as you said this fire is at 1,000 acres and last word, 200 homes is evacuated in or near this fire. back to you. opening a month from now and people spent this day preparing, when it comes to transportation and parking, they want to make sure they're prepared to handle whatever crowds come their way. live in mountain view how that city a mini hub for fans. >> as far as transportation goes today was a dry run. taking a look at where the people will line up and how
5:34 pm
they'll cross from one platform to another. they expect a lot of fans here to pass their way here, and they want to make sure they capitalize on that. they put up signs and tents, and they're practicing before the new game, in this case, in mountain view where fans will transfer. >> the plan went really well the challenge is you have a plan on paper, is it actually going to work in real life? >> they hope to capitalize on their location, with bus, train and light rail converging the fans can avoid the congestion in the stadium, by parking here instead. >> it'll boost more traffic into the town, i am sure the business, they'll be so happy about it. the only problem is the parking issue. >> the question, where people can park and how to make them
5:35 pm
pay, so the officials will pick up that matter at tonight's city council meeting. they expect 600 cars on game day and the cal train parting can only hold 300 vehicles. >> if they pay, we should charge as well, and otherwise everybody will go to the free parking. >> they'll hire a parking management company and perhaps they'll restrict the parking in neighborhoods. they plan to move the farmer's market. >> it's a friendly town, they're open to it, and they love the idea of the revenue. >> some are concerned of what the new stadium will bring here. >> probably stay away. >> the city council is expected to vote on a parking plan tonight since they have a month to implement it, the meeting is at 6:30. live in mountain view ktvu channel 2 news.
5:36 pm
and season tickets to the home game with the new stadium may be hard to come by this fall, now that the season is sold out. if you plan on attending in person, 1,600 standing room only tickets are available. 70% of the former season ticket holders, bought seats at the new stadium. you can see both of the tours we took, it couldn't even april and -- one in april and the other in june, you can look at the stadium's unique features, it's under hot topic at a neighborhood on alert after a mountain lion is spotted, what neighbors heard just before they saw it. and we hear from two women on a savage attack. >> kicked her so hard in the head it reminded me a football player kicking off the ball. >> what else they're saying and
5:37 pm
how they fought back. a controversial new police tool while the police are standing by public shamming and others say it's unfair to the people's pictures. if you're so tough, crack this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better.
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. . the oakland place website offers a new section, that
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displays pictures of people arrested and charged with soliciting with prostitution, but the pictures are not convicted and the website includes the booking photos, plus their names and birth dates, we found people were split when we asked if the department should out people who are only accused. >> i don't approve of that, the person is not guilty until proven guilty. >> they'll find another avenue, there's always the internet, they have to start somewhere. >> the police department and the da's office hope it'll keep the community informed and identify and rescue the sex trafficking victims. barry bonds is getting a chance, and they decided a special panel of 11 judges will reconsider a ruling last year that upheld the conviction. bonds was convicted of
5:41 pm
obstruction of justice by giving evasive testimony, and he served 30 days of house arrest the court has scheduled arguments for mid september. and come backing the traffic on i-80, between the 101 and 280 exchange, the closure is set to begin at 9:00, and last until monday at 5:00 a.m.. you may remember a stretch in san francisco was closed over the memorial day weekend for a similar highway repair project and another closure is planned for the labor day holiday weekend. we sat down with a man tasked with the public school system in oakland, and he's not afraid to tackle the tough problems. threes two women these two women say they were attacked while walking alone and they
5:42 pm
describe what happened. what one woman did to protect the other. a big break in the heat today, i'll show you the numbers we had in the region and i'll talk how this new pattern is going to last coming up.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
. the new oakland superintendents first day on the job, after the news conference, i sat down with antoine wilson, he laid out the two top
5:45 pm
priorities for the district and nothing is off the table when it comes to his goal of improving public education in oakland. he says he knows the days of being applauded with soon be over. >> i guarantee you i'll never be popular as i am right now. >> he's not afraid to make tough decisions to support his two goals, improving graduation rates and getting more students to attend college. before coming to oakland, he was the assistant superintendent of the denver public schools. >> you come to oakland from another large urban school district with a similar graduation rate, right about 60%, fewer than half of african american males graduate, what's your plan to change that? >> we have to be about to make sure that graduation and post secondary success both college
5:46 pm
career and being productive adults and citizens that that's at the center of what we do. >> wilson says that all students must be taught with the expectation that they will graduate and go on to college. no lowering expectations from low income and single parent house holds. students from more affluent families are clustered in the hills. he knows that success is possible for everyone, he was rachd by a single teenage -- raised by a single mother. >> i understood that i was done when i graduated college. being from a single parent home, having a mother who did not have an opportunity to go to college, for her to say to me, you will, and you're done when you go to college, had a lasting impression, it was always the
5:47 pm
goal. >> i talked to him about more school closures, and the vote back 23 tliven was -- back in 2011 was met with out cry. coming up ant 10:00 -- on the 10:00 news tonight wilson explains the current situation is doing an inservice to the students. we've been fooling the breaking news if she -- following the breaking news for hours now the out of control fire in napa county, we have an update. this fire continues to spread at a large rate. it is now up to 2,500 acres, you'll recall a couple of minutes ago it was at 1,000 acres and it's only 30% contained. i want to show you now what it looks like live. it's estimated that some 200 homes have been evacuated a massive effort is underway to fight the fire that includes helicopter and is planes
5:48 pm
dropping the fire retardant, you can see the massive plume from this smoke from the out of control fire that continues to sfred by the minute. it's estimated there's at least 100 firefighters on the ground covering the fire. we have three reporters following the information on this fire, working to get updated information, we'll have live coverage for you coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 and we're update it go web danger,, along with facebook and twitter. a neighborhood is on alert tonight after a mountain lion was killed. residents say they heard noises coming from the back yard, they saw the mountain lion attack it go deer, and they're warning people to take extra caution, and to avoid contact with wild animals. a big worthy story here at home the dramatic drop in
5:49 pm
temperatures that came today, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below what we had yesterday. highs, 88 in livermore, and yesterday, 103, a dramatic change in areas for the inner east bay and the north bay, and santa rosa is today 77, and we felt it here at well, and the coast, socked in with the low clouds. a cool day on the coastline, and this hour, it's very widespread i do anticipate it'll move back in and bring us low clouds tomorrow morning. fairly widespread and some drizzle to be aware of. we have this trough here that'll settle in and continue this pattern. the morning low clouds and temperatures mild, warm but not too hot in the inland areas. here's the numbers to expect
5:50 pm
tomorrow, widespread mid 50's, upper 50's in concord, and again, expect the low clouds, expect the possibility of drizzle. for the afternoon, temperatures will be like yesterday, some areas may cool slightly, it shouldn't be a big deal, today was the big drop. mid 60s in san francisco, 79 for san josi, mid 80s in concord and the hottest spot, going to 90 degrees tomorrow. mid to upper 70s for the north bay areas. as we get into midweek wednesday the morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, the temperatures will feel a lot like today, perhaps nudging one way or the other. temperatures are mild on the coast for the fourth of july, the morning clouds breaking to sunny skies and fireworks right now at this point look to be a
5:51 pm
-okay, we'll track it for you between now and then. the changes are coming our way for the weekend, a jump on saturday. still comfortable, thank you. two women say they were savagely attacked by a group of men because of who they are. tonight, they describe the terrifying attack. and in the news room with more on what we're working for 6:00. harmless fun or a hazard, the fireworks that has teens facing felony charges. plus -- 174 square feet the size of a shipping container, welcome to the new bay area reality. >> these stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
. new questions tonight about spending at amtrak, they pay out $200 million in overtime pay and lose over $70 million a year on food and beverage, and they run a number of routes to the bay area, and all the way up to napa. all this while amtrak is running in the red.
5:55 pm
>> amtrak's routes cost more than the price of tickets. i uncovered this consolational report that -- congressional report, taxpayers are footing the bill. >> amtrak never makes a profit. >> part of problem is the salaries, the average worker makes $41 an hour. >> that's $80,000 a year. to serve you cheese burgers and coke. >> they paid out over $180 million in overtime last year alone. symptom made -- some made over $35 brand in overtime. >> it doesn't make sense tr the taxpayers to pay this. >> the funding for amtrak for 2015, and the congressman tacked on to the bill, locks the
5:56 pm
taxpayer money to subsidize the service, which has lost more than $370 million over the past year. more work needs to be done. >> get rid of the unprofitable routes, something needs to happen. >> amtrak says they're working to reduce the costs. in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. the approval of the bill to fund the amtrak, it's notice senate, and we heard back from amtrak, if america wants a modern intercity rail system, the problems need to be addressed. two women talked are talking about what happened. the talk was so brutal she thought her friend was going to die. we have the story. >> these two women, jackie and jennifer are bruised, battered and more. >> i thought i was going to die.
5:57 pm
>> my heart is so sad. >> the couple has been together for a year and they ask we not reveal their last names. they decided to leave a gay pride celebration in san francisco and head home, and they say they were walking ninth street near market. >> this group of guys in front of us, and they said, antigay slur. >> then jennifer said shechs attacked by -- she was attacked by five then ten guys. >> i got kicked four times and i held my head and curled up. >> i seen a guy lift back his leg and kick her in the head. it reminded me of a football player kicking off the ball. >> i felt close to being gone. >> jackie threw herself on jennifer and she asked why is
5:58 pm
this happening? >> they said this is because you're gay. >> after several minutes the attackers ran off, jennifer suffered a concussion and bruises, and jackie a fractured wrist. according to records there were 27 hate crimes reported in san francisco last year, of that 13 almost half were antigay. >> police say they're following several leads and asking witnesses to come forward. >> this is the worst event i've experienced. >> the two women will work with the police sketch artist in the hopes to identify the attackers. ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00, residents forced to evacuate others sheltering in place, as the growing wild fire approaches. we're dramatic it go battle of -- track it go battle of this fire. the undercover operation to find the people who are selling
5:59 pm
the illegal fireworks. the size of a shipping container, but it could be the future of bay area housing. . we are tracking breaking news in napa county, about ten minutes ago we learned the wild fire has grown to more than 2,500 acres, and some are forced the evacuate. the intense fight in a dry stretch of napa county. >> want to show you live pictures now from news chopper 2, that's over the wild fire. you can see the massive amount of smoke, that's still burning out of control, the air tairngs and helicopters, it's not where -- nowhere near contained.
6:00 pm
>> it's burning between calistoga and lake berry, and we are live from napa county. >> we are at the command center for the fire, this is as close as we can get to butts canyon, this is where the fire is burning. that charred hillside is that's where the fire started at noon today. you can see if you look up the hill, there's still smoke and it's still burning, there's still some flames and the other side of the hillside is where the damage is. the latest update is this fire burned 2,500 saeshgz so -- acres so far. 200 homes in the subdivision were order today evacuate around 1927 this afternoon -- 3:00, this afternoon, and everyone was able to get out in time. the 50 people still in the subdivision they are sheltin


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